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How Long Does It Take to Learn Guitar

Music has for ages been a tool for entertainment, bringing people together, educating the people, and also used for reproof of wrongdoings in the society. However, the lyrics alone do not make a song complete. It is the music from the instruments accompanying the words, that make the music worth listening.

Learning how to play these instruments is essential and there are many benefits of playing a musical instrument. However, if you love the guitar for its melodious tunes, then some guitar lessons are what you need.

Is it Going to Take Ages to Learn How to Play the Guitar?

If this question lingers in your mind every time you want to learn guitar, then this article is definitely for you. While it may not be the easiest musical instrument to learn, it certainly is one of the more popular ones for obvious reasons.

As a guitar amateur driven by the love or passion for knowing how to play the guitar, you would do anything to Fast Track the learning process. Somehow, there are things that you can manipulate for you to learn the guitar fast, and these factors that affect how long it will take you to learn a guitar are discussed below.

this picture shows a musician playing a guitar

Determination to Learn

Nothing comes easy. Without the commitment to learn a musical instrument, it might take you longer than expected to learn how to play the guitar. Put in the effort required, learn from experienced guitarists, and practice as many times as you can.

Your guitar practice schedule

Playing any musical instrument requires you to have a good schedule. You do not want to jump into a class anytime to learn guitar; your mind has to psychologically prepared to learn. It is therefore, imperative that you create a good schedule and stick to it. If you can create a good schedule and stick to it, you will take the required time or less to learn. Contrary to that, any skipped lessons can significantly extend your learning time.

Tools and resources available or learning

A maximum learning experience can only be achieved if there are enough and required tools for learning. You cannot learn how to play guitar without having a guitar at your disposal. If you opt to join a guitar training program, ensure that the school has all the resources required and that the resources are at your disposable.

A music teacher is also part of the essential resources that you will require. Without a good trainer and other resources, it might take you ages to learn how to play the guitar.

The above factors clearly outline that learning guitar has no fixed time frame. You can become a good guitarist in six months while someone else may take more than two years to reach a similar level. However, the time frame below should give you more details on how long it can take to reach a certain level of skill set.

Time Frame for Learning Guitar

First 2 Months Picking up the Guitar

First two months: you learn how to shift chords and play simple songs.

After 2 Months Playing Guitar

Between the 3rd and 6th month: in this period, you should have mastered the art of creating pull-offs and hammer-ons on a bit more complex song.

6-12 Months Time Frame for Learning the Guitar

6-12 months: after a year, it should be possible to play barre chords (a thing that most guitar players dread). It is possible to play blues and riffs at this stage.

1st Year and Beyond

After the 2nd year: after your second year of learning how to play the guitar, you should be able to play it comfortably. It is now easier to play any song as you’ve already mastered all the technicalities of a song.

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