Marantz MM7055 5 Channel Power Amplifier Review

A power-packed, beautiful looking amp, but that’s not all that is pretty about the Marantz MM7055 5-channel power amplifier. This super monster is a powerful, sophisticated amplifier that shines at musical detail and volatile peaks.

With all the hype of “new and improved” amps, such as 7.2 and 9.2-channel surround sound systems, most home theater enthusiasts still prefer the tried and true 5.1-channel sound. Understanding this opportunity, Marantz built this 5-channel power amp. It is the primary companion to its AV7005 preamp.

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Top Features of Marantz MM7055 Reviewed

Every amp has its features, but what exactly are you getting with five channels of home theater horsepower?

With the Marantz MM7055, you won’t need to buy more channels than you need. It does, however, make it easy for you to add one or more MM7025 2 x 140 watt amplifiers to your overall set up. So, if you need more surround channels or multi-room audio, you can simply get everything you need with this bad boy.

The MM7055 is built to drive high-performance speakers. It can easily connect to a preamp or A/V processor that has XLR outputs, as it has XLR inputs. Once that setup is complete, you can enjoy the fascinating sound quality that can quite literally touch your heart.

How Much Power Does the Marantz MM7055 Possess?

We are going to cut right to the chase here, this 5-channel amp delivers immense power and detail. You’re looking at 140 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

Here’s the deal, we judge the amount of power by high flowing current, and that’s exactly what you get with this amp. It has 4-way binding post terminals so your connections are nice and snug. In addition, it is easy to set up, unlike some power amps.

If you want a thrilling home theater experience, or to juice up your music in your listening room to the next level, you can pair it with the AV7005 pre-amp/processor. For those audiophiles that are more advanced and have a bigger budget, you can also add one or more MM7025s.

One of the best power features we absolutely LOVE about this amp is that it has its own dedicated cooling unit. The worst thing you can do is get an amp that isn’t Eco friendly. That was one of our knocks on our Schiit Vidar power amp review. Efficiency is key, along with current.

Be careful going down the rabbit hole of “perfect sound.” You will be getting enough from this amp and a pre-amp. Sometimes simpler is better. With that being said, if you know what you’re doing and want to have a more complex system, there is room for expansion.

Marantz MM7055 Amplifier Pros and Cons

After testing this product and listening to audiophiles who have been verified buyers, we came up with this list of pros and cons. Our hope is that you get one step closer to selecting an amp that fits what you are looking for. Everyone is going to have their list of what they need their amp to do. Here’s to better sound!


  • ​Audiophile grade
  • ​8 ohms
  • ​Provides “full” sound
  • ​Delivers 140 Watts of High Current Power
  • Balanced XLR and RCA inputs
  • ​Nuances are super clear
  • Simple set up
  • Long-term power delivery into low impedance speakers
  • Sits on a “Thermal Tunnel” for efficient heat dissipation


  • ​For some, 5 channels may not be enough
  • Some people do not feel the “warmth”
  • ​Some customers love it, some don't - check out the alternatives that people go with if they don't love it


As you can obviously tell, there are much more pros than cons. These are going off of real, verified purchases and reviews. For the price, you will get plenty of power output compared to higher end Amps

Comparable Amplifier Competition

There are some great alternatives out there that we want to compare for you, so you have a few options to choose from.

First, we’ll give what we believe is a very similar power amp and around the same price (give or take). Second, there will be power amps that are a few notches above and below in terms of capabilities, features and price. Lastly, we will provide you with our final verdict.

Cheaper Alternative

Outlaw Model 5000

Also a 5 channel amp and if you have speakers running on AVR power, this amp is fantastic. Can work well with 4 ohms or 8 ohms speakers. A great option and you can save some money if the MM7055 is out of your budget. We do, however, recommend the MM7055 over the Outlaw Model 5000 if you have the budget for it.

Similar Price Alternative

Emotiva Audio XPA-5

So many audiophiles compare the Marantz MM7055 vs Emotiva Audio XPA-5 for plenty of reasons. First, this amp also has 5 channels. Second, the price is a little more, but the efficiency and power is overall better than the Marantz MM7055 - in our humble opinion.

With the right receiver, this amp can really power your front three speakers and get the full amount of sound you’re looking for. Be willing to spend a tad bit more with this option.

Pricier Alternative


This 2000 watt four channel power amplifier will knock you down a peg or two if you think you know sound produced by an amp. Simply amazing, words cannot describe how good this will feel when you hook your speakers up to the QSC PLD 4.5 and listen for the first time. Prepare to spend double the investment.

Final Thoughts

Finding an amp isn’t easy, even for audiophiles. However, focusing on the end result got us pumped up, excited and ready to pull the trigger because we absolutely knew power amps flat out create better sound. That’s what we were after - better, more powerful, articulate and beautiful sound.

At the end of the day, you should understand exactly what you want out of your amp. That’s half of the battle. If you can figure that out, all of these will make sense and you will be able to narrow down your decision.