Focal Aria 926 Speaker Review

Imagine listening to to the crisp, clear, cutting edge sound from a well-known brand that many of us audiophiles came to love (Focal), which is why we created the Focal Aria 926 review. If you don’t know by now, Focal is a French loudspeaker manufacturer that has built a stunning reputation by making loudspeaker masterpieces over the years.

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focal aria 926 floorstanding speaker reviews

Focal Aria 926 Floorstanding Speaker

Turn up the volume a few notches and pump up the beats with the excellent floor standing speaker – Focal Aria 926. It’s a super easy set up process that

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How Good is the Focal Aria 926 Floorstanding Loudspeaker?

The Focal Aria 926 loudspeaker is remarkable, especially if you are using it for your favorite music. Right now, Focal is at the top of their manufacturing game. In addition to designing and manufacturing every single one of their speaker models in France, they also construct their own cabinets and components. There is zero outsourcing with this company and all engineering is done 100 percent in-house.

Being an in-house designer, engineer and manufacturer, it gives Focal absolute control over how they want to design and produce their audio products. It’s also worthy to note that they can easily upgrade each product as some crossover and are able to add new features as newer technology becomes available.

The natural, clear and crispness of the bass is excellent. The music that the Focal Aria 926 speaker produces can be compared to speakers that cost two to three times more. Any genre works with these, including:

  • Classic rock
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Today’s Pop
  • Country
  • Classical
  • Jazz

What Types of Specs Can You Expect?

We audiophiles absolutely love booming technology! With the 926 model, it has what Focal calls a 3-way bass reflex system. This eliminates the distortion that can happen with floor speakers when volume increases.

The frequency response is superb compared to other loudspeakers on the market. It produces 45 Hz to 28 kHZ +/-3 dB. Impedance is also an important attribute to consider, since it can show how efficient and effective the speaker is. The 926 holds 8 Ohms nominal and 2.0 Ohms minimum. Under 4 Ohms can be a little bit of a hiccup, but that’s something you don’t really have to worry about as this is over four ohms.

What Amp is Best for Focal Aria 926?

The best amp for Focal Aria 926 is one that has solid power. We found that Musical Fidelity is the best brand amplifier to use. In fact, Musical Fidelity is often referred to as a brilliant match with Focal, mainly because of the power it can channel. The Musical Fidelity M6Si Integrated Amplifier works extremely well with the 926.

You could also use a Marantz processor amp or a PS Audio power amplifier. All of these options are a great match with Focal.

We found that pairing your speaker with the right amp makes all the difference in the world with sound as well as caring for your speakers.

The Ultimate Stack: If you purchase the whole PS Audio stack , P10, BHK-pre, DSD, DMP, S300s, Connect it all with Belden Iconoclast cables and be done with it – Your speakers will thank you for it.

What Size Room do You Need for Focal Aria 926 Speakers?

The ideal room size for the Focal Aria 926 speakers is over 215 sq ft. and from a listening distance of 10 feet. Although size of your room is important, you can still enjoy a floor standing speaker with a small sized room, or even a larger sized room.

What is the Price of the Focal Aria 926 Speaker?

The price of the  focal aria 926 speaker can be as low as $1,149 each and as high as $1,649 each. The higher price is for the color black model. You can also buy them in a pair for as low as $2,299 and as high as $6,598. The more expensive 2 pack is the 6.5 3-way Bass Reflex model and has a 2X 6.5 Bass Driver.

What Goes into the Focal Aria 926 Floorstanding Speakers Review?

Our entire mission is to help you decide if these speakers are the right fit for you. The main focus points we decided to hone in on were the specs and user tested results. These tested reviews are by us and from many audiophiles that we researched, reached out to or know personally through friends, family and forums. It can take hours of research to sum it all up, so we hope by reading this Focal Aria 926 floorstanding speakers review saved you time and money.

The Verdict

There’s no question that we put it all on the line for you to help make your decision easier. Having a good set of floorstanding speakers can really spice up your entertainment life.

You can listen to all types of music genres, hook them up to your television, and even use them for parties. As we discussed earlier, stacking your speakers with pre-amps and power amplifiers can really give it a booming boost. We hope you enjoyed our Focal Aria 926 speaker review, and that it helped bring you to a final verdict!

focal aria 926 floorstanding speaker reviews

The Ultimate Speaker Experience Starts Now

As audio enthusiasts and sound experts, we absolutely love Focal and their 926 model. If you are on a tighter budget, go for the maple finish instead of the black. You will save a few hundred bucks if you do!