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We’re excited to bring you a full review on the KEF R900 because of how incredible these hi-fi speakers are. With so many people wanting to improve their audio experience when watching movies, listening to music or gaming, it’s not easy finding a tower speaker that will make you happy.

Already decided on purchasing the KEF R900 Floorstanding Speakers? If so, check out the latest price at Amazon. Our website receives a commission if you purchase through our link without any extra cost to you. We are very thankful if you do because it helps keep our site going to provide everyone accurate information on all things music and audio.

image of a pair of KEF R900 tower speakers - color black

Beautiful, sleek and sexy design, these babies will power up your sound system.

We have some recommended power amps to go along with the r900, once you decide they are for you.

Featuring an amazing bass plus treble combination, these are an excellent buy for anyone who loves music or movies at an enhanced level.

Our entire goal is to provide you with information that will help you decide. We have a whole list of floor standing speakers, and we break them down by budget.

If you’re a Marvel movie fan, or classic rock die-hard, these speakers will ROCK your world. When you hear these for the first time in person, you will be almost awe-struck. The mix of bass and treble alone is so impressive.

KEF has been in the industry for years and are based out of the UK. Now, they are designed in the UK, but manufactured in China. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because almost ALL audio companies manufacture their products in Asia. Some of the best technologies are produced in China and it’s perfectly fine.

There are more expensive KEF models out there, such as the Blade and Blade 2. As good as the Blade models are, the r900’s specs are not too far off and cost way less than half the price. In addition, they have an astonishingly good sound, projective accuracy and may present enough features for you to pull the trigger.

Top Features KEF R900 Review

We love strong, clear and precise sound. Here’s the deal, that’s what you’re going to get with these. There are some amazing features to say the least. We’ll show you a list below of what everyone loves about them, then we’ll go more in depth below the list.

  • ​5.25 inch Uni-Q driver array - helps create a more natural sound
  • ​Twin 8 inch low-frequency drivers above and below the Uni-Q array - ensures clean and deep bass
  • ​‘Tangerine' waveguide technology - helps enhance the natural sounds and you don’t have to point the speaker directly where you’re sitting to get all the effects
  • Cutting-Edge Bass Driver
  • Little vibration
  • One-inch aluminum dome tweeter right at its acoustic center
  • ​Eight inch aluminum cone woofer
  • ​Magnetically attached grille
  • ​Lighter in weight (65 pounds each)
  • ​Four-spike special mounting platform (easy to install)
  • ​Two pairs of binding posts
image of the KEF R900 speakers - color white

As soon as you listen to this specific tower speaker in person (and crank up the volume) you will understand exactly how amazing the sound is. It is a well-conceived, three way floorstanding speaker that is far more valuable than its price point.

The 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter doesn’t jump out at you, but it’s just there. Voices and solo instruments will be clear and open, without boxiness or bloat. This tweeter is the same sophisticated technology as the Blade. In fact, there are a lot of similar features, the only major difference is the power / specs.

Our Recommended Power Amps for KEF R900

Component matching isn’t always simple, that’s for sure. In order for you to save some time looking or asking around, we put a few power amps that you can stack your new speaker up with.

Lyngdorf 2170 (check price)

This is everything you need in one and it sounds fantastic!

Kinki EX M1

So many people have been using this power amp because it offers so much. Lots of great reviews on it, especially with the r900.

Parasound Power Amp (check price)

Really great power amp to pair with this model.

Competitor Comparisons

Many audiophiles compare the Focal Aria 948 vs KEF R900 for many reasons. First, their prices are pretty comparable. Second, their specs can be considered very similar. Lastly, and probably more importantly, the sounds they produce are really good. Check out our full Focal Aria 948 review, which we believe is better than the KEF R900, to get a good idea of how they stack up against each other. Both are excellent choices, so it’s really which ever will make you more happy.


When looking into a hi-fi tower speaker, you cannot look past the KEF R900. The bass plus treble mix alone is worth every penny. In fact, you’re actually getting a really good bargain because we believe the price is lower than what it's worth.

Compared to the Blade, which is VERY expensive, you’re getting something just as special at a huge reduction in price. We’ll leave you with this: always remember to find out what you want your speakers to do and which ones will make you happy.

Ready to Take Your Sound System to the Next Level?

Imagine these loud speakers sitting in the corners of your living room creating an experience of a lifetime. There's nothing like getting lost in the sweet sounds of your favorite movie and music that catch every detail imaginable. This is the time to get your sound to the next level!

image of the KEF R900

A true acoustic loudspeaker, the Focal Aria 948 is considered the tower of power by many audiophiles. Before we dive into specs, let’s get one thing straight, this is a statement speaker.

If you like listening to classic rock, pop some Led Zeppelin and the 948s will literally rock your world. Pair them with a 36 watt tube amplifier you’ll be blown away by the sound it can produce.

We love this speaker so much that in our best floor standing speakers top ten list, we slotted the Focal Aria 948 in the number one slot.

image of the focal aria 948 tower speakers (pair)

Already decided on buying the 948s? If you have, here's the link to the product page at Amazon. Focal is one of those brands that doesn't sell on their website, but their brand does sell at Amazon. Check out their amazon brand page here.

If you aren't ready to buy just yet, keep scrolling down and take the time to really learn about these. They are an amazing product and it's really hard to tell anyone how good they actually are.

You see, Focal is the real deal. They used to make drivers for almost every other speaker company out there. This was before they manufactured speakers themselves. Finally, after producing the most important piece of technology and distributing it to speaker manufacturers, they thought, we should create our own speakers.

Good thing they did because they create masterpieces that pretty much no other manufacturer can replicate.

First, let's take a look at what verified customers that purchased these loudspeakers have to say. Then, I'll show you my personal thoughts and my final evaluation.

Reviews of Focal Aria 948: What Are Customers Saying About These Loudspeakers?

According to their website, 61 reviews for Focal Aria 948 floor standing speakers are 5 out of 5 stars, while only a few that are 3 stars or below. At first glance, I cannot think of one reason why anyone would submit a complaint about these babies. So, I decided to check out what happened.

After reading all negative reviews, I found that all of them had to do with either complaints about the leather finish or a rare technical issue. However, all complaints were promptly answered by Focal's support team, which shows a strong sign of outstanding customer service and professionalism.

Most audiophiles would agree that a set of loudspeakers like these have been on all of our wish lists for years. This company allows for people to fill that wish quickly and at a bargain of a price.

Overall, people that have purchased the 948's are so excited about the performance, finish, intense base and the full and direct sound these speakers produce. Let's check out the testimonials left by verified buyers below:

customer testimonials

Rating Focal Aria's 948 Top Features: My Eval

This is an updated section that I just had to add because so many people have been asking me about the performance aspect of these loudspeakers. Here's the deal, this is completely unbiased. I have used and tested tons of floor standing speakers (some highly rated, some not). This is my personal opinion of the 948's, or as I like to call them...

A gift from the gods. Check out the table below, which represents my ratings and how I feel about this product.










So many amazing features. Here’s a quick view list for you to gaze over, and just underneath is our more in depth analysis. This is an exciting review for us because we know for a fact if you buy them you will be ecstatic with your decision. It’s literally a no brainer, IF you have the budget.

If you do have the budget and you’re on the fence about pulling the trigger, take a look at these features.

  • Intense Bass
  • Flax midrange cone for a very Natural Sound and impressive presence
  • New TNF tweeter with Poron suspension, which creates smoother sound
  • Soft Treble
  • Very little vibration
  • Floor-facing vent for increased depth
  • Flax bass cone for articulate bass
  • Drivers developed and manufactured in France by Focal
image of the focal aria 948 front panel

There are some impressive features with this tower speaker. Once you turn up the volume, you will understand just how intense the bass actually is. The crazy part is that it has near zero vibration. It’s very little for how articulate the bass is.

Everything they make is in-house. It’s 100% European and not made in China, which is extremely hard to come by in this industry. 

The magnesium and aluminum inverted dome tweeter is something that Focal has pioneered. It is an absolutely perfect tweeter. The top end sound goes on forever, yet it doesn’t sound bitey.


Beautiful, elegant, impeccable and sexy. These are the four words we think of when looking at it in person. First, the cabinet, just like everything else, is made in-house. Second, you have a fabulous glass top, an amazing dense cabinet and then you get REAL leather (not faux) on the front panel. Finally, and we’ll say it again, this is a true European speaker, with European engineering with drivers and cabinets that are made in-house.


It is near impossible to tell you how good it is. At this price, it is a ROCKIN’ speaker that has all the glory you can ask for. Here’s the thing, we review almost every floorstanding speaker and we don’t play favorites. With that being said, we’ll have all the information you need on each tower speaker and you choose which one will make your happy long-term.

Don’t buy something just because it gets a good review. Buy the thing that is appropriate for you, something that you really want, the speaker that does all the things you want it to do and for the room you want it in. Our entire goal is to help you with that.

Ready to Supercharge Your Sound System?

For most of us, we want that extra oomph when listening to the music we love, or the movies we live for. That opportunity is here with this speaker. It is SO good and like we said before, it will rock your world!

Focal Aria 948 review

Movie fanatics, music lovers and audiophile nerds assemble because our list of the world’s best tower speakers will supercharge your sound system. After all, that is what most of us are seeking - a way to enhance your favorite Marvel movie and listen to the sounds as the director, artist, or composer intended it to be.

How about a featured three to get started? Check out the table below. How it works is the left (or top if on mobile) spot is the “high-end” tower speaker that we all dream of, the middle spot is our “value choice” and the right spot (or bottom if on mobile) is sometimes the cheapest (depending on the time of year) on our top ten list.

On a Budget?

Jump to our Category Breakdown to find tower speakers in your price range.

The Featured 3

The Dream Tower Speaker

Best Overall Value

Great for Your First Pair

We’re going to get right into our top 10 list because we don’t like wasting time. Before we do though, our list is compiled by analyzing hundreds (if not thousands) of reviews on more than 200 highly rated floorstanding speakers.

There’s isn’t necessarily a speaker on this guide for every budget, but if you have a specific price range, such as under $1000, then see our category breakdown section and find the budget you are interested in.

Top 10 Best Floor Standing Speakers

Quick Table Review Guide

image of the Focal Aria 948 tower speaker

It’s tough to actually make a top ten, and then to have to make a number one choice is almost impossible. With that being said, there are so many worthy tower speakers out there that can all be deserving of this position. However, we did ultimately choose the Focal Aria 948, but why?

What’s great about this floorstanding speaker is the clear, crisp and smooth sound it produces, especially after you are done breaking them in (yes, you need to break in speakers). The 948 will supercharge your home theater, and there’s no question you will hear what the director’s or musician’s music truly intended for you to listen to.

Read our full review here.

If you love home theater in general and watching movies with super sound, you literally can’t go wrong here. The same can be said with using these speakers for music. The sound is incredible and impressive. Their “intense bass” that Focal uses for marketing the 948 is actually spot on.

image of the kef r900 tower speakers

There’s so many awesome things to say about the Kef R900. For starters, they are so precise in terms of hearing every nuance of each vocal, instrument or beat the music or movies. Second, the R900s provide unbelievable depth. Lastly, you don’t have to sit in the perfect spot, or have the speakers point directly at you to hear every detail because the dispersion is excellent.

Read our full review here.

If you power the Kef R900 with the Parasound A21 power amp and P6 pre-amp, along with the right subwoofer (SVS SB3000 is a great choice), you’re looking at an absolutely stunning audio sound experience.

Obviously this should be in our featured three list, but the Focal Electra 1038 best tower speaker is a BEAST! It’s also the most expensive (as of 2020) on our top ten. Remember, we organized tiered budgets so you can narrow down your choices even easier.

Now, there are also the Focal Chora, Sopra and Kanta which are all amazing models - also all beasts! If you ever see the Focal commercials for the Electra 1038, they always say it is a three way speaker that is focused around performance, but which speaker isn’t focused around performance?

Full review coming soon!

The best thing about the Focal Electra 1038 is their latest acoustic innovations. All hail to better technology, that’s for sure. But, with these latest innovations you will experience probably the best precise, detailed and warm sound you have ever heard in your life - take that to the bank.

Why isn’t this our number one choice? It probably should be, but we don’t like putting the most expensive product at #1 because not everyone can afford it. This is, without a doubt, the tower speaker we all dream of having in our living room. Being a STAR requires some kahunas. Like my audiophile mentor always told me... Go BIG or Go Home!

Talk about impressive, the KLH Kendall are all that and more. The KLH brand itself was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts and have created some of the best selling speakers in the world.

What makes the Kendall so great is that they are super clear at all frequencies. If you listen to music, you’ll be able to hear every instrument as they all sound distinct and not in any way blurred together.

Full review coming soon!

An excellent quality that almost every KLH Kendall owner raves about is the stereophonic soundstage. Most owners will tell you it is extraordinary, and right they are. If you decide to get a pair of the Kendalls, they get so loud (we we love) without distortion and maintain their clarity, which is impressive to say the least.

We had to put the Focal Aria 926 in the top five for sure, it’s one of our favorite tower speakers of all time. While they take about a month to break in, they give out incredibly brilliant sound. It is truly impressive. When you hear the music or sounds on a movie for the first time you will seriously be shocked.

If you get a quality amp/DAC or AVR with these it will immensely improve the audio experience. In our full review of the Focal Aria 926, we provide some free information on which power amps pair near perfectly.

Read full review here.

They are very comparable to the Monitor Audio Gold 300s and quite possibly the silver 300s. But, in our humble opinion, the 926s are better than the Monitor Silver 300s. Focal is one of the big dogs when it comes to floorstanding speaker brands, and they have created a masterpiece again with the Aria 926.

Price fluctuates frequently in the home audio / technology world. Sometimes you can get a ridiculous bargain with the Klipsch RP-280F. There are times during the year where you can find these floorstanding speakers under $500. Klipsch is a phenomenal brand in the sound biz, but what makes the RP-280Fs so great?

Read Full Review Here.

Get your old music out with these beauties because you will hear things you’ve never heard before. If you’re a real movie love, you can’t go wrong with these tower speakers as you will hear the true meaning of clarity.

If you had the Motion 40s, you will absolutely love the 60s. Specifically, the 60s have a completely different tweeter than the 40s. If you like bright (powerful) sound, the Martin Logan Motion 60XT is a great option, but what else is so special about the 60s?

Full review coming soon!

You know the tweeter we just mentioned? Well, it’s an advanced resolution Folded Motion XT tweeter. It’s designed to play louder, lower and with steadfast accuracy. The design is super elegant and looks beautiful in any room inside your home.

If you decide on purchasing these, you will experience engaging and encompassing sound that you have probably never heard before. For music and movies, you will get the full emotional effect.

image of the Klipsch RF-7 III speaker

Feel like living on the edge? Go ahead and buy the Klipsch RF-7 III because once you start listening to the sweet, clear noises on an ever-day basis, it will blow you away.

Featuring an all new Tractrix horn, which improves higher frequency response and extension, the rf-7 iii is legendary. It’s also dying for you to bring it home!

Read full review here.

Designed with premium furniture, the RF-7 III features wood veneers. It’s actually quite nice on the eyes and can fit in almost any room in your home. The 10” cerametallic woofers provide a lower, clearer and richer sound. Hard to imagine this is number eight on our list, but like we said before, any of these floorstanding speakers are a great choice. We love the Klipsch brand, so pull the trigger and go for it.

This was a tough one, but we just couldn’t keep the SVS Ultra Tower off our list. It is one of the best sounding floor standing speakers we have ever encountered. You can get them in a piano gloss black finish or black oak veneer finish. Both look amazing of course, so it’s really just up to your style and preference.

Full review coming soon!

When we listened to music on the SVS Ultra Tower, one word came to mind - Commanding. There was this deep, articulate bass coming from them, but with extremely clear and crisp sound. It was a blend of audio that was near perfect. Hundreds of five-star reviews on a boat load of sites out there, so don’t you dare hesitate to pick these up while the price is still right.

Last, but not least, is one of our favorites - the Klipsch RP-8000F. These tower speakers feature a powerful cinematic sound which is a perfect characteristic for movie lovers. You’ll never have to fluctuate the volume controls ever again after you set these up.

Full review coming soon!

Dual binding posts and a flexible removable magnetic grille make the rp-8000f a true winner. The one thing that most Klipsch owners love about their speakers are the copper woofers. It just makes them look more powerful. You’ll be inheriting their hybrid Tractrix horn technology, which provides higher frequency and just makes the overall listening experience that much better.

Category Breakdown

Under $10,000 (click for more)

Under $5000 (coming soon)

Under $2000 (coming soon)

Under $1000 (click to see the full review): Here, I break down a few different options that are dynamite choices.

Under $500 (click for more)

Under $300 (coming soon)

What goes into our Best Floorstanding Speakers Review Guide?

We take our guides very seriously because we know how important this purchase is going to be for you. Whether you are buying a pair for the first time, or you love buying more speakers, we aim to give you enough details to make the right choice.

With that being said, everyone has different preferences, goals, and room sizes. The tower speakers we list on all of our budget guides were intensely researched by our Music Audio Star staff. We analyzed thousands of reviews and tested hundreds of products. Although a fun and exciting project, it took a lot of time, effort and focus (because you have to remember what each of them sound like).

Even after all of that research, it was still super difficult to put together a top ten. Mainly because there’s so many great options. If you check out all of our category breakdowns, there are awesome options for any budget.

It all comes down to hearing the sounds that the director, composer or artist intended it to be. We know for a fact that you can get that with any of the floor standing speakers that we recommend.


When we decided we wanted to find a pair of floorstanding speakers, it took us a while to compare and contrast. It isn’t easy finding a match because at the end of the day you should be testing them all out.

Unfortunately, not all of us have that kind of time and money, which is why we created this list. At the very least, it’s a great starting point. If you can’t afford the ones on this particular page, check out a budget that fits you best.

In a world where high-end amps meet affordability, we spill our guts out on the Schitt Vidar review.

There’s nothing better than that sound of a high-end power amplifier hooked up to your favorite loudspeakers to enjoy a movie night, gaming day or just music in the air tonight. However, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, which is why we want to show you the good, the bad and the ugly on the Schitt Vidar Intelligent Stereo / Mono Power Amplifier!

Coming in at $699 and a California based manufacturer, what Schitt promises you is an ultra-high-end amplifier, without the ultra-high-end price. Although there are some excellent features, which we want to highlight, we will lay it all on the line where you can decide to either go with the Vidar or some great alternatives.

this image shows the schiit vidar review of front panel

We Love the Look, Feel and Design

If you already decided on purchasing this product, use the button below to go to Schiits website to order. With that said, we urge you to keep reading because we break down what's great and what's not about the Vidar. There's also some REAL NICE alternatives that you can choose from, with amazing reviews and potentially an overall better bang for your buck.

If you don’t know much about audio equipment, buying a power amp is just the beginning expense. You will obviously need a good set of speakers to hook up, the right cables, and if you want to up the ante, you should get a pre amp. So, all together you could be looking at spending a little over $1,000, which most audiophiles would agree that just over $1,000 is a bargain for a 2 channel, class AB power amp.

Reviewing the Features of the Schiit Vidar Power Amplifier

The Vidar is a simple-looking all metal box power amp that has some ultra-high end features. First and foremost, power output and amplification type are the most important things about power amps. This product delivers class AB instead of class D. A/B amplification is preferred by most high-tech audiophiles because it produces cleaner sound and less distortion.

back panel of the schiit vidar

How Much Power Does it Possess?

With the class A/B amplification, it can output 100W of power per channel into 8 ohms or 200W into 4 ohms in stereo mode. Second, you can use the vidar in mono mode, and dual mono mode with two units. If you do this, it can output 400W per channel into 8 ohms.

There is no active cooling system, but all the produced heat is handled at the front and top panels. Obviously we would all love if it had a cooling system so it wouldn’t get so hot. On the flip side, without the cooling system, the power amp is much more efficient, and doesn’t produce the extra fan noise.

If you’re looking to save the environment, the vidar is NOT for you, as it will stay turned on as long as its plugged in. On a side note, these power amps are very eco-friendly. Going back to the vidar, there is no standby or auto-standby. Most class AB amps have auto-standby or standby buttons, but not the vidar.

Pros and Cons

After analyzing hundreds of customer reviews, we came up with a list of pros and cons. Check them out!


  • Extremeley simple design
  • USA (California) Made
  • Class A/B amplification
  • ​100W power output per channel, double power output into 4 ohms
  • ​Mono and stereo mode, which means 400W per channel into 8 ohms in mono mode


  • No volume controls
  • No standby mode​​​
  • Not many customers LOVE it, they would rather buy an alternative (keep scrolling down and you’ll see the list of similar power amps)
  • ​Not eco-friendly at all, which can result in damage to your speakers and the amp itself due to in-efficient running time (causing over-heating)


While we think the vidar is a great value for the money and the features, our mission is to help you choose what fits your room best. For that reason, we want to show you a few schiit vidar alternatives, which will help make your decision much easier.

What Are the Best Alternatives?

There are some great alternative power amps that have most, if not more of the same specs. At $699 price point, it’s not easy to find grade AB amplification with the same kind of performance, manufacturing and expandability.

At this price tag, the best alternatives that match Vidar’s features and cost are the Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amplifier, the Parasound 2125v2 150 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier, and the Crown XLi3500. The price sometimes varies in the audio world, so you can always wait until it goes down again.

If you have a little bit bigger budget, there’s more options. If money isn’t an issue, your choices will increase significantly. With that being said, there are two power amps that are a step up in technology and sound, and they are the Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3 and the Monoprice Monolith 2x. Check out the table below to get a better feel for the features and why they may be a better fit for your audio needs.



Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amplifier

This power amp is priced very similarly and it offers just as much, if not more value just like we mentioned in the schiit vidar review. The features include both RCA and XLR inputs, DC trigger input / output, flasher input, 4-way posts and a remote control connector. The Marantz MM7025 has a power button, unlike the Vidar, which is eco-friendly, and flat out a better feature. On a friendly note, the manual says it’s not recommended to use this amp with 4 ohms speakers, so keep that in mind before buying.


Parasound 2125v2

Another A/B power amp is the Parasound 2125v2, which is also a two-channel THX Ultra 2 power amplifier. Produces 150 watts per channel into an 8 ohms. The design is sleek and has a gold plated RCA input jacks and loop output jacks. Again, there is a standby mechanism (unlike the Vidar), channel status and heat indicators. The price is very similar, depending on the time of the year. Worst case you’re spending an extra $100, which isn’t bad at all.


Crown XLi3500

What a beautiful, powerful, amazing two-channel, 1350W at 4Ω POWER amplifier! We get excited just talking about his beauty mainly because of the affordability and the terrific quality sound you’ll get. In our Klipsch RP-280F review, we mentioned that this amp is a phenomenal duo. The price point is very similar to the Vidar and has some serious features that any audiophile would be extremely proud of. Like the Schiit vidar, it has a balanced XLR and RCA inputs and binding post and speak on outputs. There is also an efficient forces air-cooling mechanism, which prevents excessive thermal buildup.


Emotiva XPA-3 Gen3

This power amp is a little more pricey, but has some really amazing features. In addition to the features, it’s a power amplifier just over $1,000. 

Almost exactly the same as the Vidar, Emotiva’s XPA-2 features 5-way gold-plated speaker binding posts as well as balanced XLR and RCA inputs. Again, another class A/B amplification, but this bad boy has a class H power supply, which helps improve efficiency and gives clearer sound. Check out the customer reviews, they say it all:

customer reviews on schiit vidar alternative

Monolith Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

This is another amp that is a little over $1000, but is every bit as powerful and terrific as the Vidar. Monoprice is also designed and engineered in the US, which is nice to know. The look and feel of the Monolith Multi-Channel is stunning, beautiful and every bit of elegant.

The features include both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs, 5 way binding posts, chassis ground and DC trigger input. There is a standby button (upgrade from Vidar) on the front panel and can be put on standby when you aren’t using it. This amp delivers the best in music and movie soundtracks that we all deserve to hear.

Final Thoughts

Is the Schiit Vidar the best power amp on the market today? Absolutely not. However, it is very good and it is made in the US. The problem that we have with it is it isn’t very eco friendly, causing it to not last as long as it should. There’s also the fact that you need to stack it up heavily with the correct pre-amp to get more juice out of it. We analyzed hundreds of reviews by customers and we believe it is better to go with one of the alternatives we suggested.

Klipsch did it again with these floorstanding speakers that are large and in charge, and this klipsch rp-280f review will show you the bottom line. These ultra loud speakers are perfect for those who love watching movies, listening to music and playing video games with enhanced sound effects.

Already decided on the klipsch rp-280f floorstanding speakers? Here’s a shortcut to get them now (and the lowest price at Amazon).

Front and side panel of the rp-280f by Klipsch

Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speaker

Hear the sounds as the band, musician and director intended it to be. A great value for anyone who wants to experience better audio. It's an easy speaker to set up and the sound is terrific. 

When we decided to look into floorstanding speakers, we wanted room-filling immersive sound with a booming bass. We love listening to music and watching the Marvel movies, but we thought,  what if we had a better audio and sound experience? And, what will take us closer to the movie?

After doing hours (and I mean HOURS) of research which involved pros, cons, comparing and contrasting other, but similar products, we finally came to an affordable, yet performance-based loudspeaker. After all, the whole goal was to enhance the sound when watching our favorite movies and listening to classic rock and roll (we like hip hop too)!

This is an exceptional product that provides down-right clean sound, low distortion and absolutely just gets out of the way of your music or sounds of your movie.

So, without further ado, we break down this particular speaker so you can be one step closer to going with it, or deciding on another. Either way, our mission is to help you find the perfect audio experience that you are looking for, and that fits your budget.

What We Love About the Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speakers

You don’t have to have these speakers cranked all the way up to enjoy them. You can have the volume low as possible and it sounds as though someone is talking to you right across the table from you, which is quite impressive.

In essence, the whole purpose of having floorstanding speakers is to experience what the director intended for you to feel. We believe Klipsch is on the same frequency to deliver the best sound possible no matter the source.

The Klipsch rp-280f have the same coppertone drivers as the 260s, which Klipsch fans will definitely recognize. There is a place in the back to connect your wires, as well as a port to reinforce bass. The build quality and finishing on the 280’s are down right beautiful.

What We Don’t Love

It may take you some time to break-in these speakers, and may not sound perfect at the beginning. The treble will be dominating the sound from the start because the bass’ mid range needs to loosen up before the speakers behave and sound normal. With that said, be patient, give it some time and break them for roughly 24 hours.

What Amp is Best for Klipsch RP-280F?

General rule of thumb for everyone out there (no matter which speaker you choose) is to have an amp with higher output than what the speakers are rated for. This way you can enjoy more of what the speaker has to offer without causing damage to them.

Amps that are great with the rp-280f:

Klipsch KA-1000-THX (120V) Power Amplifier

Crown XLi3500 Two-Channel, 1350W

Emotiva Audio A-500

Musical Fidelity - M6si Integrated Amplifier (Black)


The specs and features make the 280 different, but the design is very similar and recognizable. After all, why would Klipsch change their design? They manufacture beautiful audio products with their famous trademarks in just the right places.

As far as colors, there are three different color versions of the RP-280F. You can choose between cherry, black and ebony. The cabinet of the speaker is made of MDF, and the finish is of polymer veneer, which is built to last long.

The speaker itself is sort of angled backward, and placed on a pedestal for extra support and powerful sound.

The grille is one of the coolest parts of the RP-280F, as it is magnetically attached and you can remove it very easily. The grille is on the front panel and looks magnificent.

Now, with the grille off (which we stated it is easily removable), the speaker looks even better. If you decide to remove it, which we highly recommend, you’ll notice a 90x90 Tractrix horn with a one inch LTS titanium tweeter and 2, eight inch cerametallic woofers with a lovely spun copper finish.

The rear panel is a bit different than the previous Reference floorstanding speaker model. The RP-280F has a stunning rear-firing bass reflex port. The shape was modified to look like a Tractrix horn, which is why Klipsch calls it a Tractrix port.

Below the Tractrix, there are dual binding posts which provides opportunity to play with different types of connections. You can use single wire, bi-wire and bi-amp connections to enhance the sound even further.

Features of Klipsch RP-280F Reviewed

The features is what makes this model stand out from the others. For starters, all the materials that created this beauty are high class stuff. Like we stated before, the cabinet is made of MDF and not plastic. The finish is polymer veneer.

The tweeter is titanium, instead of aluminum. This gives it a better look, feel and overall sound. Definitely an upgrade there.

The new Tractrix horn is made of molded rubber. There have been so many tests with molded rubber and ultimately it improves the treble response and makes it less fatiguing. In addition, it helps dampen the resonance.

There’s an amazing bass reflex (Tractrix port). This is a huge improvement compared to the previous model.

An unsung feature is that it has two large woofers that can play down to 32Hz. Most floorstanding speakers cannot go that low. 

The dual binding posts provide more flexibility when it comes to connecting and using different wires. Furthermore, it makes the rp-280f super efficient and can be driven by low-power amps. Experiment away with this speaker as there are plenty of options.

Customer Reviews on Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speakers

There are multiple 5 star reviews on so many different audio platforms on these speakers, which we believe shows the Bottom Line. We decided to show you exactly what we are talking about. Check out the reviews we found to be exceptional.

We all know how important it is to read other customers' testimonials on any product we are interested in. For a certain audio product to receive this many five-star reviews is almost unheard of. 

this image shows the most recent customer reviews
Klipsch RP-280F floorstanding speaker front panel

Ready for Your Klipsch RP-280F Speaker Experience?

Seeing what other customers say will help us make better decisions. The fact of the matter is, the rp-280f is worth it for the money. Start enjoying music, movies and gaming so much more!

Imagine listening to to the crisp, clear, cutting edge sound from a well-known brand that many of us audiophiles came to love (Focal), which is why we created the Focal Aria 926 review. If you don’t know by now, Focal is a French loudspeaker manufacturer that has built a stunning reputation by making loudspeaker masterpieces over the years.

For those of you who already decided you want to purchase the Focal Aria 926 loudspeaker, we left the best price at amazon. Just click check out to go to the product page with all the list of features.

focal aria 926 floorstanding speaker reviews

Focal Aria 926 Floorstanding Speaker

Turn up the volume a few notches and pump up the beats with the excellent floor standing speaker - Focal Aria 926. It's a super easy set up process that 

We receive a commission if you purchase through our link, but it doesn’t cost anything extra for you. With that said, our opinions on the products we review are honest, straight forward and are designed to help you decide whether or not the product is a good fit for you.

How Good is the Focal Aria 926 Floorstanding Loudspeaker?

The Focal Aria 926 loudspeaker is remarkable, especially if you are using it for your favorite music. Right now, Focal is at the top of their manufacturing game. In addition to designing and manufacturing every single one of their speaker models in France, they also construct their own cabinets and components. There is zero outsourcing with this company and all engineering is done 100 percent in-house.

Being an in-house designer, engineer and manufacturer, it gives Focal absolute control over how they want to design and produce their audio products. It’s also worthy to note that they can easily upgrade each product as some crossover and are able to add new features as newer technology becomes available.

The natural, clear and crispness of the bass is excellent. The music that the Focal Aria 926 speaker produces can be compared to speakers that cost two to three times more. Any genre works with these, including:

  • Classic rock
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Today’s Pop
  • Country
  • Classical
  • Jazz

What Types of Specs Can You Expect?

We audiophiles absolutely love booming technology! With the 926 model, it has what Focal calls a 3-way bass reflex system. This eliminates the distortion that can happen with floor speakers when volume increases.

The frequency response is superb compared to other loudspeakers on the market. It produces 45 Hz to 28 kHZ +/-3 dB. Impedance is also an important attribute to consider, since it can show how efficient and effective the speaker is. The 926 holds 8 Ohms nominal and 2.0 Ohms minimum. Under 4 Ohms can be a little bit of a hiccup, but that’s something you don’t really have to worry about as this is over four ohms.

What Amp is Best for Focal Aria 926?

The best amp for Focal Aria 926 is one that has solid power. We found that Musical Fidelity is the best brand amplifier to use. In fact, Musical Fidelity is often referred to as a brilliant match with Focal, mainly because of the power it can channel. The Musical Fidelity M6Si Integrated Amplifier works extremely well with the 926.

You could also use a Marantz processor amp or a PS Audio power amplifier. All of these options are a great match with Focal.

We found that pairing your speaker with the right amp makes all the difference in the world with sound as well as caring for your speakers.

The Ultimate Stack: If you purchase the whole PS Audio stack , P10, BHK-pre, DSD, DMP, S300s, Connect it all with Belden Iconoclast cables and be done with it - Your speakers will thank you for it.

What Size Room do You Need for Focal Aria 926 Speakers?

The ideal room size for the Focal Aria 926 speakers is over 215 sq ft. and from a listening distance of 10 feet. Although size of your room is important, you can still enjoy a floor standing speaker with a small sized room, or even a larger sized room.

What is the Price of the Focal Aria 926 Speaker?

The price of the  focal aria 926 speaker can be as low as $1,149 each and as high as $1,649 each. The higher price is for the color black model. You can also buy them in a pair for as low as $2,299 and as high as $6,598. The more expensive 2 pack is the 6.5 3-way Bass Reflex model and has a 2X 6.5 Bass Driver.

What Goes into the Focal Aria 926 Floorstanding Speakers Review?

Our entire mission is to help you decide if these speakers are the right fit for you. The main focus points we decided to hone in on were the specs and user tested results. These tested reviews are by us and from many audiophiles that we researched, reached out to or know personally through friends, family and forums. It can take hours of research to sum it all up, so we hope by reading this Focal Aria 926 floorstanding speakers review saved you time and money.

The Verdict

There’s no question that we put it all on the line for you to help make your decision easier. Having a good set of floorstanding speakers can really spice up your entertainment life.

You can listen to all types of music genres, hook them up to your television, and even use them for parties. As we discussed earlier, stacking your speakers with pre-amps and power amplifiers can really give it a booming boost. We hope you enjoyed our Focal Aria 926 speaker review, and that it helped bring you to a final verdict!

focal aria 926 floorstanding speaker reviews

The Ultimate Speaker Experience Starts Now

As audio enthusiasts and sound experts, we absolutely love Focal and their 926 model. If you are on a tighter budget, go for the maple finish instead of the black. You will save a few hundred bucks if you do!

We're all looking for better sound for our music, movies or video games. After all, it does enhance our entertainment experience.

Imagine high quality bookshelf speakers that can ROCK your world under the five hundred dollar price point. In our top nine list, we'll help you get one step closer to improving your home audio sound system.

At the end of the day, our entire goal is to help you choose the right bookshelf speaker for whatever it is you need it for. So, whether you're using it for surround sound in movies, or cranking up the volume for your music, we have something for everyone.

We also have individual reviews if you see something you want to explore a tad bit more before you buy. Upgrading your sound system is an exciting time in anyone's life, not just audiophiles in general. With that being said, let's get right to it and start off with our featured bookshelf speaker.

bookshelf speakers - wharfedale denton 80th

The Featured Spot

Wharfedale - Denton 80th (Walnut)

The United Kingdom is becoming well known in the audio industry and Wharfedale doesn't disappoint. The crisp and clarion clear sound that comes from these book shelf speakers is unheard of for the price.

Top 9 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500

Sneak Peak

One of the most impressive sounding bookshelf speakers you will ever get your hands on, especially under five hundred dollars. This baby performs well above its price tag.

Read our full review here.

The Bass alone is freakishly good. There's really not enough good things to say about it, and many audiophiles would strongly agree. In fact, it is a discontinued item, which makes it extremely difficult to find a pair for sale. Keep your eye out for them, and if you find it, be sure to jump on the opportunity.

Pros & Cons

  • Outstanding Bass (freakishly good)
  • Great for music (especially classic rock)
  • Powerful engineered horn
  • A discontinued item, making it difficult to find. Get one while you can.

Listen, not everyone is going to agree with me on this one, but here's the deal, the PSB is affordable and produces some serious sounds. This is because the speaker has given considerable attention to the quality of its audio production components as well as the cabinet for the internal components, which is equally important. Most importantly, the sound quality from the PSB Imagine Mini is fantastic.

Even though the PSB Imagine Mini has an excellent audio performance, it still lacks on its dynamics. This is evident by how the sound gets some minor distortion when blasting your music at volumes towards the upper-end. However, when listening to music at normal volume levels, the audio performance is quite subtle. Otherwise, lacking in dynamics is not a deal-breaker.

Pros & Cons

  • Built with a great design available in several color variations.
  • It is small-sized, which makes it exceedingly versatile.
  • It produces a powerful and high-quality sound.
  • It still has room to improve its dynamics

Definitive Technology has not disappointed with their SM45s model. The model produces arguably the finest sound quality among all bookshelf speakers in this price bracket. Additionally, it is made with a minimalistic design, which makes the speaker quite versatile.

Similar to other bookshelf speakers, the Definitive Technology SM45 does not have the best bass response because of its small form factor. So, if you are looking forward to some heavy thumping in your room, this speaker may disappoint you a little bit. Aside from the not-so-good bass response, this speaker will deliver a good listening experience for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Has a fantastic and straightforward design
  • Produces quality sound that’s hard to fault considering the price of the speaker
  • Its form factor is versatile and perfect for different uses
  • The quality of bass produced is quite lacking but kay for a $500 bookshelf speaker

Backtrack to when Wharfedale was launched, this speaker rocked the market, and to date, the performance it has is still top-notch. A factor that’s ensured that this speaker stays relevant for a long time is that the Wharfedale company uses innovative solutions combined with high-quality materials. If you are after a brand that just gets it done when it comes to audio equipment with a great appearance and performance, the Denton 80th (Walnut) should be on the top of your list of options.

It is important to note that the Denton 80th delivers a balanced response across the range, which is unlike most bookshelf speakers in the $500 bracket that lack good bass response. Ultimately, the amount of power produced by these speakers is perfect for a small or medium-sized room.

Pros & Cons

  • The speaker has an excellent build quality and design
  • Has good transducers and high-quality components
  • Produces good sound response across the range
  • Still not a good option for large rooms

The cooperation between ELAC and Andrew Jones has been of great benefit to the two parties and also to the end-user. Together, they have created one of the finest bookshelf speakers in the market, the ELAC Uni-Fi UB5. The ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 has a three-way configuration which has a coaxial tweeter that enhances the quality of sound produced. It is important to note that if combined with a good woofer, this speaker can provide some great thumping when playing your favorite audio.

The design and aesthetics of the cabinet notwithstanding, the cabinet limits the sound reproduction of this speaker. This is caused by the hardware used is compacted to maintain the speaker’s bookshelf factor. You can get the sense that if the speaker had slightly more space between the components, it would produce a much better audio quality. Nonetheless, this is a fair limitation to a $500 bookshelf speaker.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a three-way setup
  • Delivers quite a good performance
  • The tone is balanced and can be controlled
  • Its cabinet has some limitations

Edifier has once again produced a great set of speakers that will give you amazing listening experience. Their S1000DB has been created in such a way that it provides high-quality audio and meets the versatile demands in the market. Additionally, the speaker also has some of the best transducers and a powerful in-built amplifier. So as to give customers something great, Edifier has also used the best design on this speaker.

Technology has made it easy to find the best audio listening equipment, where you only need to plug and play. The Edifier S1000DB falls into this category, which is a good thing. However, the speakers require more time to achieve the best audio performance.

Pros & Cons

  • Provides several connectivity options that make it so versatile
  • Minimalistic but attractive design
  • A relatively good performer across the range
  • It has a longer burn-in period

The Audioengine A5+ falls into a category of rare active speakers that have a lot to offer. Notice that the speaker has 100 Watts of RMS power, which makes it a compelling speaker for home use. Generally speaking, the speaker provides a balanced sound response and especially the bass response.

It is important to note that the Audioengine A5+ performs differently under varying room conditions. As a result, it can be a challenge to get the best audio performance in the room you are in, given that these speakers lack when it comes to acoustic control.

Pros & Cons

  • It offers great performance
  • Simple design that focuses more on functionality rather than the size
  • Gives the user a lot of power
  • It does not have acoustic controls

The Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 is one of the best speakers in the $500 price bracket because of the amazing features that it has. One thing that makes the ProMonitor stand out is that it ensures that there is a good bass response despite its compact form. Most importantly, its priced well for what it has to offer.

Even though the term ‘bookshelf speaker’ implies that they should be placed on shelves and other confined spaces, most people prefer to mount them on the wall. Therefore, it is disappointing to find that the Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 does not have a wall mount bracket. Though not a grave concern, it can be a factor to consider when deciding whether or not to buy this model.

Pros & Cons

  • The speaker has functioning planar radiators
  • A good sound response across the range
  • Perfect cabinet design for small spaces
  • Does not have wall mount brackets

In the past, Wharfedale has had issues with the bookshelf speakers it has been releasing into the market. However, their latest release, the Diamond 220, has redeemed the brand by dealing with the numerous issues that plagued the models that came before it. The speaker has better sound drivers, the cabinet design is improved, and generally better audio performance.

The improvements might not have made it the top dog, but they surely have made it a great pick for audiophiles. The speaker has a great bass response, which can be significantly felt in a room. It is important to note that the good bass response was not an expected feature of the Wharfedale speakers, but it shows that the company is keen on becoming a serious contender.

Pros & Cons

  • The tone quality is quite impressive
  • Has a good cabinet design
  • It has slot-loaded ports
  • Has a solid wood cabinet that makes it durable and enhances its aesthetics
  • Nothing to dislike

What Level Of Performance Can You Expect With this Budget?

It is important to note that there are cheaper bookshelf speakers in the market. However the five hundred dollar set is a superior option because most manufacturers make use of better components when making this set.

We love companies that can create pure beautiful sound with a smaller budget. That's the list we gathered for you. It's a list that any audiophile would love to have.

With that being said, it is important to note that for the manufacturers to use good quality materials, so they have to cut down on some costs like the cabinet design. As a result, they may be less appealing compared to less expensive alternatives, but be assured that the most important thing, which is the audio performance, will be better.

While the more expensive bookshelf speakers are considered superior, you will still notice that the speakers in the $500 price range are comparatively equal to some of the more expensive speakers. This implies that it has become easier to get high-quality performance at a relatively affordable price.

In essence, buying the a pair you love will definitely satisfy your needs even if you are an audiophile. Nonetheless, you should take note of the miniature features that differentiate the different models in the market.

The $500 bracket is a very competitive one, which has forced bookshelf speaker manufacturers to produce good quality speakers all-round. There are those brands that will even go over-board to create exotic designs to edge-out their competitors, and all these are in favor of you, the consumer.

If you have a bigger budget than this price, then you'll want to check out our top under $1,000 bookshelf speaker list.

Obviously, you have to understand that the higher you go in terms of price, the more assured you are of better performance and, most importantly, the power of output. This is because expensive speakers are usually optimized for use in large rooms, and for that reason, they cost more.

However, unless you really need a speaker that can saturate a large room with quality sound, you should not hesitate to go for the top quality sound and audio that can also give you quality performance. In addition, this is the reason why the $500 speakers are much sought after in the market.

One other thing that you should expect from a $500 set of speakers is that most of them come with crossovers, which significantly enhances their performance. All things considered, leaving the cheaper options for this price range is a logical choice anytime, and in the long run, you will be glad you made it.


The big speakers may be able to produce the mightiest sound you desire, but some factors like space and budget can significantly limit you from acquiring them. It is undoubtedly true that big speakers are costly compared to smaller ones, and finding a good position to place them in your house can be a major road block. That’s why a smaller set of speakers, bookshelf speakers for that matter, are a perfect option considering the quality performance that they can deliver.

As you can already tell, you can get a good set of speakers in this price range, which makes shopping for them very exciting. They do not compromise on performance and have amazing features, which makes them a favorite for many people, and that’s evident from the models listed above. Confidently speaking, the models listed above can compete directly with bookshelf speakers that retail at double their price. Regardless of what music genre you are hooked to, having the best bookshelf speaker under 500 will guarantee you high quality, BOOMING sound.

One thing on this planet is for certain, the quality of music you listen to is greatly affected by the audio output equipment that you have. You can take that to the bank! This means that in order for you to enjoy beautifully crisp sounding music, the speakers have to be BOOMING and high quality.

Most audio lovers will agree that you get what you pay for. We'll show you our top ten list, as it is possible to find similarly high-quality bookshelf speakers at an affordable price.

Nonetheless, when you buy your first pair of these bad boys, rest assured that there is more value in it compared to the cheaper speakers. This guide is going to focus on really good bookshelf speakers under $1000, their features, pros, and cons. But first, let's get the ball rolling with the featured speaker.

SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers

Featured Bookshelf Speaker Under $1,000

SVS Ultra

Pump up the volume with the SVS Ultra. Once you get your hands on these babies you'll quickly realize why they are our featured bookshelf speaker.

Top 7 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $1000

Reveal Our List by Clicking Here

#1: SVS Ultra

The quality performance that you get from the SVS Ultra bookshelf speaker can only be found in those speakers with the best components. The components are not only good in producing quality sound but are also aesthetically impressive.

If you are a true audiophile, then this speaker should quench your thirst for good music because it has precise, accurate, and nuanced sound.

Another significant aspect of this speaker is that it has exceptional tone balance. You can therefore play any audio and be assured that the bass and treble will come out just fine. It is important to note that no matter the frequency of the audio, these speakers will not produce distorted sound because of its crossover frequency feature. If you are looking for ultra sound to buy for your living room, then this is one of the best options available for you.

Pros & Cons

  • The components used are heavy duty and will not spoil easily
  • Accurate sound
  • The image projection is overly focused

If there is a downside to this speaker, then that could be the image projection that it has. Its image projection is pretty focused, which makes it challenging to find the best place to have it in a room.

Aside from this, there is no other major complaint about the SVS Ultra speaker. In fact, the SVS Sound brand is highly respected in the audio industry.

In terms of design, the SVS Ultra speaker matches its price. The design is sophisticated but classy, which makes the speaker a valuable addition to your office or room. It is also designed to survive ages because of the high-quality components used. It has a domed bottom, which is meant to improve the quality of sound that it produces.

It is also important to note that these speakers are not as heavy as they only weigh nineteen pounds. However, they are not portable because of their dimensions, but you can move them around your room.

#2: Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73


The Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 is held in high regard and falls within the under 1000 dollar price range. With its five-way crossovers, the speakers can produce quality sound in any frequency range. It is not easy to find a speaker that can do what this Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 can do.

It is important to point out that no feature deserves to be disliked in this speaker. This is not a normal thing in the bookshelf speaker market, where most manufacturers sacrifice some important aspects to make their speakers cheaper. If you have the financial muscle to purchase one, do not hesitate, get yourself these speakers today.


When looking at the design of the Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 bookshelf speaker, it is justified to conclude that it is impressive. This is evident with the domed grilles it has, which gives it a sophisticated look. You should note that compared to other bookshelf speakers in terms of size, the Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 has a decent size and does not weigh much. Additionally, it has curved sides, which improves its appearance and increases the sound projection in a room.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a five-way design that has sophisticated crossovers which consequently produce perfect sound
  • High-quality cabinets for enhanced sound
  • Offers real value for money
  • Many people find it to be limited sound wise

#3: MartinLogan Motion 15


For a long time now, MartinLogan has been producing excellent audio speakers and the Motion 15 lives up to the expectations. The fact that you’ve decided to spend $1000 on speakers warrants you a right to the best performance and design in a speaker. The Motion 15 can offer you this, but compared to other bookshelf speakers under 1000, their bass response is not as good. If you are a lover of bass, you can add an extra subwoofer to boost the bass from this speaker.

The MartinLogan Motion 15 is highly recommended by many audiophiles when it comes to high-frequency sounds. However, it is essential to point out that sounds that are below 70 Hz are challenging to listen to because of the large size of the speaker. Still, an amazing choice.


The Motion 15 speakers have one of the most elegant designs in the bookshelf speaker market. They have a sleek top, which reduces in size towards the back of the speaker. The speaker cabinet is also finished with a high-gloss veneer, which gives the speakers a luxurious appearance.

The speaker also has an aluminum dome at the front, which enhances the aesthetics of the speaker. Additionally, the speaker has a flat back for easy loosening of tightening of the binding posts.

Pros & Cons

  • Has a luxurious and minimalist design
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Has a versatile form factor
  • The bass quality is not that good

#4: Audioengine HD6


The Audioengine HD6 speakers are more than just speakers. They can be used as a home theater system because you can connect your phone or computer to these speakers and enjoy your favorite music and shows.


For a $1000 speaker, Audioengine has a great design. You can find it in black, cherry, and walnut finish, and each finish has a stunning look. The speakers are easy to use as they come with a remote, which allows you to control the volume and your playlist from the comfort of your seat.

Another fantastic feature is that the Audioengine speakers have Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to stream your music wirelessly from your smartphone without any sound distortion.

Pros & Cons

  • It is a versatile speaker
  • The speaker has a great response
  • Has a stylish and executive design
  • It can overheat in some parts


If you are looking for a warm and smooth sound, the KEF Q150 is for you. The bass isn't booming, but that's not why anyone would by this bookshelf speaker. It has a fair bit of detail, but not overwhelming by any means. The treble is near perfect and these are fantastic for music lovers. This speaker is not for large rooms. We recommend it for medium-sized to small rooms to get the most out of them.

Read full review here.


The design is really nice. There are piano black, white and walnut finishes. They will pretty much blend in with any room you have.

Despite the sophisticated appearance, the speakers won’t be the center of attention in a room with other décor as the design is minimalistic. Aside from the great look, it is also fun to use it for music and movies. 

Pros & Cons

  • It produces excellent sound at high frequencies
  • Articulate, smooth and warm sound
  • Sophisticated design
  • Bass response is good, but not great


The Klipsch speakers are the best option if you want to listen to chilled music because they are good with vocal audios. Essentially, this kind of speaker is good for magnifying small details in music, which creates a significant difference in how the song sounds. It is also important to note that the Klipsch RP-160M speakers can produce good bass if connected with an external sub-woofer.

Music is supposed to arouse emotions, but that can only happen if the quality of the sound is good. Klipsch speakers ensure that sound comes out with beautiful tones and pleasing to the ear. The speakers are especially good with mid range notes, which makes it sound like you are listening to a live performance.

If you love rock music, the Klipsch speakers are a great under $1000 choice that you can buy for your home. The speakers maintain the quality of sound even when you increase the volume.


Design-wise, the Klipsch speakers are quite heavy, but it shouldn’t be a problem using them as long as you have enough room. Aside from the size, the speakers are made of quality materials like polymer veneer. Also, the tweeters on these speakers are made from aluminum to enhance the quality of sound it produces.

Finally, the speakers are covered with a fabric which helps to protect it from dust and debris, which ensures that the speaker lasts for long.

Pros & Cons

  • It is excellent with high frequencies
  • Great with slow tempos
  • Great design
  • Does not have the best bass

#7: Tannoy Revolution


Tannoy speakers were designed primarily for use in parties because of their high-power sound they produce. It is important to note that even at high volumes, the quality of sound is still maintained though some distortion may be there, but not likely. These speakers ace it when it comes to low midrange sounds, as it produces excellent bass even in heavy-rock songs.

Because of the powerful sound and the high vibrations that the speakers produce, the Tannoy speakers are not suitable for apartments.


Being in the list of the top seven under $1000, Tannoy speakers have not disappointed in terms of quality design. Though they will occupy more space in your living room, they are an excellent aesthetic addition and will become a great focal point. The only downside on the Tannoy speakers is that it has spikes which can damage wooden surfaces. You should therefore be cautious on where you place them.

Pros & Cons

  • It produces a powerful sound which is great for parties
  • It has a good outlook
  • It shines at low frequencies
  • It is not suitable for use in apartments and shared spaces

What Can You Expect With This Budget?

With a big budget, comes big sound! Sometimes bigger is better! Well, let's take a closer look at what you can be expecting.

Additional Features

Power and Quality Performance



Here's the deal, with any of these options you are getting some real high-powered sound. The type of sound that will literally rock your world. So, whether you are going to use them for music or movies, get ready to have a whole different experience! If one thousand is too much money, then check out our under $500 bookshelf speaker options.

If you have to decide on whether to buy the best bookshelf speakers under $1000, then decide on your own, without the influence of other people. If you are comfortable spending the extra coin for better performance, then the speakers listed above are the best for you to choose from.

Listening to music on old, beat-up speakers is something we’ve all been through. The static sound and horrible bass makes you want to turn it off and listen with your same old boring headphones.

We all reach a boiling point, and it's easy to when your speakers aren’t performing like they should. When you finally decide to make the leap into a world of booming bass, clear, crisp sounding bookshelf speakers powered with the right amp, your life will literally change for the better.

You see, music written by a composer, artist or songwriter is meant to be heard a specific way. The way they intended it to be.

Perhaps you’re looking to watch the latest Marvel movie with a killer sound system, but need to complete the surround sound aspect.

Before we get into our top picks, there are a few things you should know before you buy any bookshelf speaker.

Whether you are new or not to buying speakers, it’s important to understand that there are two types of bookshelf speakers.

  1. Passive (Unpowered)
  2. Active (Powered)

Passive bookshelf speakers are unpowered. This means you will need an amp or receiver to power them up and play music or sound. There are a few positives that come out of a passive type of speaker.

First, you can get the full potential of a bookshelf speaker that is powered by the right amplifier. Second, you get the full experience of hooking up your speakers to your amp or receiver. Lastly, you get to sit back, relax and enjoy that sweet, wholehearted sound you’ve always dreamed of.

Active, or powered bookshelf speakers, do not require an additional purchase of an amp or receiver. You can take them right out of the box, hook them up to your phone via bluetooth (if they have that capability) and start playing music. This is a great option for those who are just getting their first pair or those who have a budget for just a set of speakers and not an amp.

Imagine listening to music in your home with some of the best sounding bookshelf speakers that produce amazing quality sound. The bass is clear, the sound is crisp and finally you can sit back, relax and enjoy what you love hearing most. That sound that you hear is, well, next-level sound! And we have a little secret for you... you don't need the biggest speakers for the biggest sound.

Get ready to set the mood via music with our heavily researched and recommended bookshelf speakers. We have some of the best brands you'll find, all right here.

Top 10 Best Bookshelf Speakers (Powered and Passive Options)

We will have mainly passive speakers, but a couple active pairs on this list. Also, we will label them for your reference. With that said, our top three will be our recommended selections. After that, they are in no particular order, but are tried, tested and true from our team of audiophiles.

You will also be able to click on the “full review” link on each individual bookshelf speaker, as we give an in-depth look at each one. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Type: Passive

this is a picture of a pair of KEF-LS50 bookshelf speakers

The most wonderful, small set of bookshelf speakers we have ever heard, period. 

What’s our take on the sound The KEF LS50 produces? It’s like you’re in Heaven! We were STUNNED what was coming out of them and they exceeded our expectations.

Have you ever wanted to hear your favorite musicians from the comfort of your home? Well, we’re here to tell you it’s possible these days, especially with the LS50 by KEF. The clearest, yet brightest sound we’ve heard to date from bookshelf speakers.

It’s amazing how small they are, but how powerful their sound is. With that being said, we recommend an amp than can handle 4 ohms, even though they say 8 ohms. They have power!

If there is anyone out there that complains about the price on these, you’re out of your mind and there is probably something wrong with your audio stack. These are our #1 choice and we feel confident recommending them to audiophiles or not.


  • Crisp, clear sound
  • Bright, but not overwhelming
  • Sleek and small design (can match any room)
  • Outstanding Sound Stage


  • Can be a little too bright for some audiophiles
  • Need to stack with the right amp (check our full review for tips)

Type: Passive

Our second recommended pair, the SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker, has as much power as speakers that are double their price.

The range on these babies are out of this world, especially for the price. From lows (40-45db), to (50-65db) to highs (65db and above) - everything checks the box of what a true budget audiophile would be looking for.

The sound stage is AMAZING and so is the Tweeter. Powered with the right amp, you will be able to get the most out of your music and dialogue.

Listen, we aren’t crazy about the design. Some people that buy them are, but they are a little too bulky for our taste. The piano black color is beautiful and can match any room in your house or office.


  • You don’t need a subwoofer (if placed correctly)
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Bright (powerful) sound
  • Amazing Sound Stage


  • Brightness can deter some people
  • Must stack correctly

Type: Passive

this image shows a pair of Elac-Uni UB5 passive bookshelf speakers

Any one of these speakers on this list from here on out can be in this position.

When you read the reviews at Amazon, you’ll find amazing testimonials that may get you to pull the trigger. On the other hand, you’ll find so-so reviews that can easily put you on the fence.

Like any speaker you are about to purchase, you need to consider the more important things rather than other people’s reviews. For example, the size of your room, your gear and your tastes are far more important than anything else.

We’re here to tell you that the Elac Uni-FI UB5 are tried and true audiophile bookshelf speakers. They may not necessarily be crowd-pleasers or party animals.

If you stack them up the right way, like with a 14 gauge speaker wire and an amp that is designed to power 4 ohm speakers, the UB5’s have a chance to win your heart over.


  • Without question, the best bang for your buck
  • Amazing lows
  • Very well balanced
  • Remarkable detail
  • Unbelievable imaging and Sound Stage


  • Tough to get the speaker placement perfect (which makes a huge difference with these)
  • Performance can vary due to conditions and pairing with other gear
  • Need to know your power amps

Type: Passive

The M10 can be your entry into high-end audio. It’s the most compact model of the Emit range. They look beautiful, which matches its sound.

One of the best traits about the M10 is how easy it is to pair with virtually any amplifier, as it features a 6 ohm impedance.

We’ll say this, they work very well with lower powered systems and you will be able to pump out high quality sound. However, they are better with 60W RMS or more, with 80W being the sweep spot. If you can get that kind of high flowing current into your budget, you’re in for a deep, full sound without losing too much agility.

We enjoy every Dynaudio speakers, but these are probably our favorite choice because of the detailed and clean sound without ever sounding harsh. They are probably worth 2x more (price) than what they are.

If you are going for warm sound, these are the speakers for you.


  • Easy to drive!
  • Well balanced
  • Great detail
  • Clear, precise sound


  • Lack an extra oomph for classic rock music, but with the right sub you can get what you want
  • Position is key, takes a while to test trial them out

Type: Passive

this image shows a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 100 book shelf speakers

Incredible high frequency sound. Very comparable to the KEF LS50 (our first choice), the midrange is just as good.

The Monitor Audio Silver 100 are brilliant bookshelf speakers. The treble is as cool as a cucumber, and with the right sub, the bass is near perfect. If you are looking for a bright-type set of speakers, these are for you. In addition, these are great for acoustic jazz and we liked classic rock while listening as well.

Be prepared to have a good amount of space for the Silver 100s. They are very nice looking, don’t get us wrong, but they are big, so plan accordingly. You may want to get sturdy stands for them.

We thought number five is a great spot for this pair. They are definitely audiophile speakers, but can also be great for music lovers that don’t consider themselves audiophiles.


  • Terrific bass (large 8” woofer)
  • Easy stacking
  • Beautiful design
  • Deep soundstage


  • Bulky, heavy
  • Takes a while to break in (give them 40+ hours)

Type: Active

We had to put this pair in the top five because of how versatile they are. We’re talking bluetooth wireless capabilities, active (powered), easily connect them to a computer, laptop, TV, phone and they are great speakers for turntables (if you have them).

The Sixes deliver legendary sound without a receiver, although you can get some extra power out of them with an amp or receiver. With that being said, this is the bookshelf speaker that you can finally get without the hassle of a receiver. The power that is behind these will blow you away.

Their sleek size are near perfect and are on the smaller end, so you can easily place them almost anywhere.

These speakers are great, but we recommend these for non-audiophiles.If you are just looking for a set of speakers to play music when you get home from work, these will sound amazing to you.

As for audiophiles, there’s just not enough output capabilities to power them up, so go with a different choice. If you don’t feel like buying an amp or receiver, go with The Sixes!


  • Great for easy, simple listening
  • Does not require a receiver
  • Amazing sound
  • Bluetooth wireless easy pairing
  • Beautiful design


  • Not really for audiophiles that want a component system
  • Some say they are over bright in sound

Type: Passive

This is a high-end audio manufacturer from France. Everything, and we mean everything is made in-house.

The recommended room size is 160 square feet and from a listening distance of 8 feet. As far as sound goes, you can expect a sweetness about them that is very inviting!

If you are looking for an all-around natural sound, the 906 by Focal is a perfect fit. The mids are out of this world and will seriously impress the most advanced audiophile. The one word that we wrote down in our notes that keeps popping back up, is “richness.”

Probably our favorite looking speaker on this list, and to be honest, they can easily be chosen as #1. Focal is the real deal with arguably the best technology vs their competition.


  • Focal makes everything in-house
  • State of the art technology
  • Amazing sound, highly recommend for audiophiles as well as casual listeners
  • Fantastic mids, pleasant highs


  • If you don’t pair properly, you may think they are inferior (you’re wrong)
  • We like just about everything with these

Type: Passive

For years, speaker enthusiasts have labeled Klipsch’s speakers to be a little too bright. Well, we can attest that the RP-600M are very well balanced and not overly bright.

If you are looking for a set of speakers that will deliver fantastic sound without breaking the bank, this should be your number one choice. They are super easy to stack with an amp or receiver.

The design is a classic Klipsch look with the copper woofers facing in. It’s a sleek look and they aren’t overly bulky. They would be able to match almost any room in the house.


  • Super efficient and easily connected to any decent amp or receiver
  • Extremely dynamic
  • Affordable
  • Great for home theater use
  • Well balanced


  • Bass can be muddy if you crank it up
  • For audiophiles, they may not live up to “power” standards

Type: Passive

Talk about good looking bookshelf speakers, KEF nailed the design with their fairly new Q350’s. It’s a very sleek and modern design.

Alright, enough about how they look, let’s get to how they sound.

When we tested these out (along with over 200 others), we absolutely loved them. The two things that stood out the most was the smooth treble and a super clean, accurate bass.

If you don’t want to spend LS50 money (our #1 recommendation), these are a great option. You will be able to get amazing sound for the price.

Type: Active

Hands down the best seller on Amazon. With over four thousand reviews and a price that anyone scrap together, the Edifier R1280T bookshelf speakers are great for a beginner studio.

You won’t need a power amp or receiver, all you have to do is get them out of the box. 

Looking for Super-Charged Sound?

Everyone wants to upgrade their sound for movie watching or music listening. At the end of the day, the right sound can really touch your heart in ways you cannot describe. The bookshelf speakers that we promote in our budget options are ones that are tried and true.

We like to make our lists short, sweet and to the point. After all, we did do a ton of research to bring it all together. With that said, our best sounding bookshelf speakers for the money will have everything you are looking for.

Here's three great options that will literally ROCK YOUR WORLD! These are our 3 favorites by far (as of right now). We are always trying out new brands and models to get that information back to you!

JBL Studio 530

An amazing bookshelf speaker at an affordable price. Read our full review to see all the features and why every audiophile would love to own a pair of the 530s.

Dynaudio Special 40

Oh, what lovely sound these babies produce - especially if you power them up with the right amp. Although you don't necessarily need an amp. Check out our review on them here. We go super in-depth.

KEF Q150

One of our favorite reviews we ever did was on the Q150 by KEF. Seriously, what an amazing speaker. Very clear, very bright and super natural. If that's your thing, then this is for you. Here's our review on them.

Category & Budget Friendly Breakdown

Take the time to find the category below that suites your budget. We have something for everyone!

Under $300 (Read More)

After analyzing hundreds of speakers, our experts broke down our favorite ten bookshelf speakers under 300 dollars. We provide active and passive options for anyone looking for either one.

Under $500 (click for more)

You can really find some hidden gems with a budget under five hundred dollars. There are some really good options in this price range and we are proud to have put together a list for you to shop around. Our sole intention is to save you time and money, while also finding an under $500 that fits what you are looking for.

Under $1000 (click for more)

You can find some of the best bookshelf speakers for the money under $1000. Sometimes spending a little more cash on higher quality speakers can make a huge difference in sound. There are plenty to choose from and we put it all together in an easy to read guide.

Choosing High Powered Bookshelf Speakers Advice

Here's the deal folks, there's a lot of "noise" out there on specific brands and models. The one thing you should always remember is that you need to get what will make you happy. There's literally no reason to keep chasing the loudest, most crisp and clear sound. With that being said, there are some things you should consider.

Finding a bookshelf speaker that will give you everything you need will depend heavily on the specs of the speaker. It will also depend on the specs of where you're putting them. For example, your bedroom, office, or living room.

One of the most important things you will want your speakers to have is updated technology. In order to produce clear, vibrant and crisp sound, a speaker will need high-tech and updated specs. This alone was one of our main focus points as we researched and analyzed over a hundred different bookshelf speakers. Finally, we organized the list up , and even broke it down by price (as you will see below).

Before Buying Guide

Before you buy anything, please understand the type of speaker you are purchasing. You should know if you need to buy an amp or receiver. The last thing you want to do is buy one, then realize you need to buy something extra that costs twice as much.

Read the reviews and the questions so you can feel great about your purchase. In our honest opinion, you can take our word for any speaker we recommend and you won’t be disappointed because we try and test them out. However, we do recommend that you go to your local audio store and test them yourself.

Specs to Look For

Here are the main specs we used to put together our top ten list. It’s not all about the specs, but for those who want to compare and contrast, you can’t go wrong with our method of madness.

Impedance - this is measured in terms of ohms. Most speakers will have 6 or 8 ohms, and popular receivers and amplifiers are perfectly happy driving speakers with 6 or 8 ohms. It’s when you start getting into the 4 ohms that you will need a serious power amp to get those babies going.

Sensitivity - this is how loud a speaker can play per watt. The lower the sensitivity, the more power it will require to get them to loud volumes.


Do I need a power amp for my new bookshelf speaker?

We’d like to refer you to our types of speaker section of this article, so you have a clear understanding of what you are buying. With that being said, passive bookshelf speakers will require an amp or receiver to power it up. On the other hand, active (powered) bookshelf speakers will not require you to purchase an amp or receiver to play your music or sound.

What is the ideal room size?

If you are using bookshelf speakers for a large room, they better be for surround sound. Otherwise, the ideal room size is small to medium size rooms. 

Where is the ideal placement of my speakers?

While their name suggests bookshelf, they don’t have to be on a bookshelf. However, you should place them on a raised surface. There are specific stands you can get as well. The only thing we would advise against is up against the wall, as that can hinder the sound significantly.

Can I use these for my TV?

Most experienced audiophiles use bookshelf speakers for surround sound, and they work perfectly for that. They aren’t really made to be the main source of sound. You would want to get tower speakers for that.

Can I use these as my computer speakers?

Although there are monitor speakers that are specifically made for computer speakers, you can still use bookshelf speakers as your new computer speakers. You’ll need a lot of desk space though, as bookshelf speakers are much bigger than the speakers that come with your computer.

Final Thoughts

Well, we poured our guts out on this article for the top powered and passive bookshelf speakers out there. The goal is always to find the best available that works for you and your unique situation. By now you should be well aware of what to look for and you can check out our top picks! Good luck out there, and as always... ROCK ON!

If you love music, then you understand the value of having a good record player. With the high number of turntable models present in the market, it can be a challenge to get one that stays within budget and provides all the essential functions you're looking for.

Here's the deal, researching home audio equipment isn't easy. Our expert team of audiophiles have been doing this for years, so we have your back when it comes to finding the right record player within your price range.

For many people, this will be your first time purchasing a turntable - which is super exciting! If you already own one and need an upgrade, this is the perfect place to find updated technology that's also affordable.

Don't spend hours upon hours searching through online forums that are hard to read because it's full of technical jargon. At Music Audio Star, we help you save time, money and an unnecessary headache!

We're all here to find a turntable that's below three hundred bucks AND provides a record player experience that we can enjoy! Let's being, shall we?

House of Marley Stir it up under $300 turntable

*Featured & Below $300*

House of Marley Stir It Up

What's better than the nostalgic sound of vinyl that connects you to the music? Yamaha one of the top brands in sounds and will provide you the inspiration to make PURE Music!

The 7 Best Turntables Under $300




Stanton T92


House of Marley Stir It Up


Pro-Ject Debut III


Audio-Technica At-LP120


Fluance RT81


Fluance RT81


Denon DP300F

#1: Stanton T92

Listening to records on the Stanton T92 will take you back into the good old days of great sounding vinyl music.

To become a great DJ, you need quality equipment that would not disappoint, but make the process a fun and easy one. The Stanton T92 will serve you perfectly if you want such a record player that would not disappoint. However, you need to note that this one will be hard to carry around as it is relatively heavy. Nonetheless, its durability can guarantee you years of excellent performance.

Its appearance is okay for a record player that’s mainly meant for professional use by disc jockeys; simple look, but with great features to let one get creative enough for a good party. Most audiophiles love the Stanton T92, and for good reason!

Pros & Cons

  • It is made out of durable quality to withstand long hours of heavy music
  • It has a creative design that will truly impress you on how it performs
  • A good fit for the price that it is selling at
  • It is somehow overly heavy with a weight of 22.4lbs

#2: House of Marley Stir It Up

The House of Marley brand is not well known for turntables and had not been making any record players until 2017. The launch of their Stir It Up model made them a brand to reckon with for the great appearance that it has and the quality of sound it produces. The fact that this record player is made through an eco-friendly process makes it even more exciting and worth buying.

Although the House of Markey Stir It Up lacks some additional features for a record player of the $300 price range, its design, and quality of sound that it produces have well compensated for that which puts it in this list. If you want a turntable that sounds as good as it looks, then this is the one that you should be looking to buy.

Pros & Cons

  • It has the best appearance compared to all other options in this price range
  • It’s made out of environmentally conscious materials
  • Produces high audio quality
  • It lacks extra features to make it more usable

#3: Pro-Ject Debut III

When it comes to record players, Pro-Ject is a big name in the industry. Their Debut III out-rightly proves how big of a brand they are and why. This record player is made with a simple design that promises excellent quality sound that can rival some of the more expensive record players. You would say it is a perfect choice for a below $300 option.

Pros & Cons

  • Has a great but simple design
  • Has excellent audio quality; perfect for a large audience
  • It lacks extra features
  • Has minimal component customization

#4: Audio-Technica At-LP120

Audio-Technica’s LP120 is a great model to go for, and if you’ve been searching in the market, you’ve probably come across it. However, this product has its limitations when it comes to playing vinyl records. Nonetheless, it’s a great option with modern features that’s hard to find fault in it.

It is also important to note that the LP120 is quite bulky and will be difficult to carry around.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a braided cable that reduces the chance of it getting damaged and enhances its appearance
  • It is available in different colour palette and has a stylish design
  • It is made of wood that improves its aesthetics and durability
  • Made of a plastic base which is not that appealing

#5: Fluance RT81

The RT81 is a great model created by Fluance. It has a premium appearance with a walnut finish with a sturdy look that it gives it an expensive look than it actually costs. It is important to note that this model has gone light on the features that it has, but it produces great audio quality for various music genres.

The only drawback that this incredible product has is that the much-hyped auto-off feature is only good in theory and not practically. Due to its poor performance, you may be forced to remove the tonearm manually as the auto-off feature fails. Other than this drawback, this option is a great choice.